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A day at the San Diego Dog Beach

Sep 11, 2000 - We went to San Diego during the Labor Day weekend with the main purpose of visiting a dog beach. Yes, that's right, a beach where dogs are welcome--something that is sorely missing here in the city of angels. If you live in Los Angeles County, it is very hard to be a dog lover and a beach lover since dogs are banned from all county beaches. Our angel, Usagi, has been with us for one year, and even though we live minutes away from a beach, he still has no idea what a beach is. Wanting to change this, we headed south for a pleasant two hour drive toward San Diego.

Upon arrival, we are greeted by a large sign welcoming our pooches. We noticed the words, "This is a 24 hour leash-free area for dogs." Dog heaven!

And dog heaven it is as I have never seen dogs this happy before. The dogs were running, playing, swimming, retrieving, just being dogs. The level of activity is amazing compared to what I usually see in my local leash-free dog park. Retrievers appeared to me to enjoy the water the most. I saw one poor woman trying to drag her Labrador out of the water as she wanted to go home but the dog was refusing to.

Meanwhile, our Eskie was afraid of getting himself wet...

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