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Copyright Notice

All the text and pictures on this Web site are copyright Márcio Watanabe, unless otherwise mentioned (e.g. if the picture caption says it was taken by somebody other than me, then this person probably owns its copyright).

Usage of photos

Feel free to use any picture from my site for any non-commercial use. This includes printing one of my pictures on paper as well as putting it on your web site. If you do use one of my photographs on your non-commercial web site, you do not need to pay for the usage, but you must:

  1. email me the address of your site. I do reserve the right to deny usage of my photographs on sites with content I find to be toxic.
  2. include a hyperlinked credit. The hyperlinked credit allows people to find the source of the photograph and read my online copyright notice. Example of acceptable HTML:

Photograph courtesy of <a href="">Marcio Watanabe</a>

If you are going to use a picture commercially, contact me first, but please be aware that I don't have a release for anything. This might be a problem when a person is recognizable in the picture or in the case of famous attractions like some Las Vegas hotels.

I have high resolution scans, e.g. 2000x3000 pixels, of most photographs on this site. Please inquire if you find you might need one.

Copyright © 2000 Marcio Watanabe